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  1. Jawarrior1

    How to split boss loot in a duo(GWD, KQ)

    Choose half the rares for one person and the other half for the other. Split all else evenly. This means if you are at Armadyl, for example, one person takes the arma helm, leggings while the other takes chest and boots. If there is an uneven amount of rares, settle for loot itself as a trade...
  2. Jawarrior1

    The RSPS server I can only dream of(suggestions & ideas)

    I have always dreamed of a Runescape where you can indefinitely make yourself stronger, more capable and more in-demand in the market. Here is the idea: The base of the game is a remake of Runescape Infinite prestige for every skill. 5x Experience for all skills, same for every player. Scaling...
  3. Jawarrior1

    Why bandits is good afk combat experience(Guide)

    Training at bandits is my favorite thing to do when im busy, but want some xp on Darkan. Generally speaking, I do supply gathering or just watch movies while doing bandits, not so bad. Particularly, it is the most afk "skilling-like" thing I can do, even more afk than sharks. Why bandits is...
  4. Jawarrior1

    5 money makers in Darkan(2020)

    These five money makers create more immediate cash as they are commonly in demand. They are perfect for beginners or those who want a return within the week. Methods in order of requirements 1. Snape grass north of crafting guild(No requirements) 100-350 ea 2. Mine Rune/Pure Essence(30 mining...
  5. Jawarrior1

    Why 1x, 5x, 10x/20x world is best

    I believe Runescape is best when everyone is at an even playing field, where time, effort and intelligence creates a top player. With that said the most important concept of Runescape is even playing field. To group 1x with 25x in one economy seems unfair, really 1x just becomes a disability in...
  6. Jawarrior1

    Hi Darkan players

    I love the concept of leveling up and becoming rich. Where every piece of work done adds to progress. Its even better to do such a thing with other people. That is why I like RS. Free, vanilla, constantly improved & good persons are why I play Darkan, the RS 2012 remake. It will be fun to...
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