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Context & motivation
The entire purpose of me learning Java was to of course get a job and pass my college classes but on the fun side I have a long-term goal in mind. I want to make my own server. I follow the ideal of no P2W, an even playing field and fun only. I spent a year trying to make my own vanilla base from the original matrix 2 just for that purpose and made serious progress with my skillset. With those things in mind I originally intended to make a vanilla core. But, I would love also to make my own server without spending a few years creating a decent vanilla core solo.

My dream RSPS: The RSPS server I can only dream of(suggestions & ideas)

The idea, a community vanilla core
The idea I am posting about is for the refactor and it's features. The idea is to allow public contributors to create their own Darkan world In the next few years. This would mean Darkan would become a proprietary community vanilla core. This is by no means an idea to press or make money but something to keep in mind for fun and education. With Darkan being open source I am a happy camper but I would be a supremely happy camper with a world and vanilla core with no P2W rules. I think other people would love to be able to create their own world with a regulated core as well.

Community core in action
Sasukescape would be the first other world by Trent and contributors can make an application to Trent asking for permission to create their own world based on a set of rules and ideals Darkan stands for. Essentially Darkan would become a community core/brand to spread a certain spirit of private RuneScape cheer, with the original Darkan world 1 being always available to play. It would be similar to games where people make their own servers and join with other players but with rules and ideals for server building.

-It's a lot of work
-Bad actors, you will always have people who will take something good and exploit it. People will take the open source and try to use it for gain
-Besides that, the biggest issue that I could see appearing would be cache editing. All changes would have to be server-side for world compatibility. Gotta keep the cache pristine.
-People would have to host their own VPS and databases
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