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Ever need more coal? More molten glass? Maybe just runners for Runecrafting?

Introducing Altworld! These are a collection of accounts free to use by anyone. Just follow the rules:

  1. Do not take items off the account that are not yours
    1. To prevent people from forgetting about items, to claim an item create a Note with the date and the EXACT items you wish to claim. If after 6 months the note has not been deleted by another user AND the items are still there, you are free to claim the items
  2. Do not change the account passwords

That's it! If you're trying to do something more complicated on the accounts like Barrows, or something with a long setup time, this is not recommended. Because there's no guarantee when you can use these accounts or if someone will change the task, it's recommended to keep it simple.

Alt Accounts:
username: cryptobot
password: a team
username: cryptonote
password: a team


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  • Want to add an account to this post? Set the password to "a team" and leave a comment!
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