Flaxing your way to gp as a noob


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With 0 requirements this is a great money maker; Picking Flax!

Firstly teleport to Burthorpe, and head south. I recommend activating the Taverly lodestone as I believe it's slightly faster banking than North.

Right where that boxed area is located you'll find a small field of Flax. Flax can be actively sold 50gp each.
Now for 0 requirements, and pretty decent starter cash it's a great way to grow your cash stack.
So going south of Burthorpe you'll find the bank, and i'm standing nearby it in the picture below.
Now follow North until you reach the Flax field at the top of the picture. Pick & Bank. Repeat.

You can now sell these in the Grand Exchange for 50gp each. You can contact Zed as i'm actively buying these right now!​
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