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Transportation Items

Task Set Reward Items
(eg: Explorer's ring): Speaking to the Task Masters for the relevant areas while meeting the stat requirements to complete that diary, eg: Bob, Explorer Jack, or Ned for the different tiers of Explorer's ring.

Ectophial: Speaking to Velorina in Port Phasmatys with the requirements for Ghost's Ahoy.

Drakan's Medallian: Burgh de Rott, south of bank in the hole and then searching the coffin while meeting the requirements for Branches of Darkmeyer

Tokkul-Zo: Speaking to the Tzhaar-Mej at the center of the Tzhaar plaza with the requirements for Elder Kiln

Enchanted Lyre: Chopping a branch from the swaying tree west of Relekka, spinning some golden wool from Lalli, and then enchanting the lyre at the Fossegrimen with a raw shark.

Teleport crystal: Killing Elves in Lletya for small elf crystals and then charging them at Arianwynn.

Dramen Staff: Chopping a branch from the dramen tree and then cutting it with a knife

Additional Locations

Family Gauntlets
(Cooking, Goldsmithing, Chaos): Speaking to any of the brothers who give them to you while meeting the requirements for Family Crest

Elemental Shield: Next to the anvil in Seers Village

Fighter Torso / Fighter Hat: On the floor by the barbarian assault minigame for now.

Anti-dragon Shield: The Duke in Lumbridge Castle

Wicked Hood: Tam McGrubor in Burthrope

Lit Candle: Ardy Monastery, helpful if you need a light source

Monk's Robes: Upstairs in Edgeville Monastry

Darklight: Ruins of Uzer

Wolfbane Dagger: End of the Mausoleum

Steel Platebody: Middle of the Lava Maze in the Wilderness (good for alching!)

God Capes: Inside the mage bank, go through the sparkling pool and pray to the god statues

Salve Amulet (e): North of Abandoned Mine

Defenders: Warriors Guild can be done by getting tokens using your favorite method, and then going upstairs and killing cyclops.

Ava's Devices: Speaking to Ava on the ground floor of Draynor Manor while meeting the requirements for each tier of device.

Buyable items

All RFD gloves:
Unlocked, and purchasable in the bank chest under Lumby Castle *(Up to 100k)*

Dragon Scimitar: Can be purchased inside the Varrock Scimitar Shop *(100k)*

Empty God Books: Can be purchased from Jossik, in the tower west of Relleka *(1-500 each)*

Helm of Neitznot: Can be purchased on, *wait for it*, Neitznot *(50k)*

Initiate and Proselyte Armour: Can be purchased in Falador Park from Sir Tiffy *(20k for the set)*

Dragon Dagger: Can be purchased from Rasolo, south of Baxtorian Falls *(20k)*

Nature & Law runes: In stock (250 of each) on the second floor of the Mages' Guild *(372 for nats, 378 for laws)*

Mystic Armor: In stock on the second floor of the Mages' Guild *(235k for the set)*

Iban's Staff: Can be purchased at the entrance of the Underground Pass *(100k)*
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