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Hey all,
I'm going to be editing this with frequently asked items with different methods to gather them.
Rune/Pure Essence
- Wicked Hood - Obtainable from Tam McGrubor in north-east burthorpe.
The wicked hood gives 100 essence per day. Rune essence by default, but can be upgraded to pure essence once all talismans have been used on it
Banshees drop noted pure essence either 13 or 23 at a time. Very good method to collect them as you'll also get combat stats up.
Found on the third level of the Stronghold of Security, in the north-west room there is a safespot for using range/magic, though Range is recommended to be 40+ as they are level 68 creatures
These drop both rune and pure essence noted fairly frequently.
Mining it manually
Mining level 1-30, you'll obtain rune essence. After that, you will obtain pure essence. This is a rather slow way to gather ess at first, so I would recommend hood/banshee over this
Wizard Cromperty
Once you have the levels required for the Ardougne Cloak, you can claim 100 (for Ardougne Cloak 2) or 150 (for Ardougne Cloak 3) per day from him.

Molten Glass
The best way to obtain molten glass is by using the Trade option on Charter Ships and purchasing Buckets of Sand (2gp) and Soda Ash (2gp)
This means that each glass costs you 4gp, plus some of your time at a furnace.
If you go to Port Khazard, there is a deposit box close to the charter ship, so you can quickly bank a lot of each. There are 100,000 buckets of sand/soda ash in stock, so more than you could ever need!
This is a brilliant way to train crafting, even at early levels.

Runecrafting can of course be trained the traditional method of altar running, but in Darkan it can also be trained in RuneSpan.
RuneSpan works a little differently here, because instead of losing all the runes when you leave, and using the floating essence, you bring your own noted essences and get to keep the runes when you leave.
This means you can bring 1000 noted essence, and camp here until you have all your desired runes, and get to use them for training magic.
This is very important as one of the main ways coins can enter the economy is through Alchemy spells.
Nature runes, before reaching 44 RC, can be obtained as drops from slayer monsters, or thieving chests in Ardougne and Relekka.

Other than the well known Stronghold of Player Safety and the Stronghold of Security, here are a few methods you can use to get some starter gold.
- Lava Maze - 44 Wilderness ('Dangerous')
A steel platebody spawns in the Lava Maze in level 44 wilderness. Getting an inventory of these and selling them to the general store can be some quick cash.
- Thieving silk in Ardougne
In Ardougne market, and with 20 thieving, you can steal silk from the merchants stall and re-sell to him for 20gp per silk. It helps if you trap guards/knights in one of the houses to prevent them catching you, but if they do just run south a little and come back when they lose agression.
- Thieving Nature Runes in Ardougne/Relekka
This was my chosen method, I stole nature runes from the Relekka chest above Koschei the Deathless and sold them to another player. They're usually in demand due to being used for alchs, and the person buying can always get the money back by alching.
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