Why bandits is good afk combat experience(Guide)


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Training at bandits is my favorite thing to do when im busy, but want some xp on Darkan. Generally speaking, I do supply gathering or just watch movies while doing bandits, not so bad. Particularly, it is the most afk "skilling-like" thing I can do, even more afk than sharks.

Why bandits is good
1. Super afk(This is the main reason to do bandits)
2. Low requirements
2. Easy to restart
3. Xp/hr scales with combat stats
4. Some good drops: Lantadyme, emeralds, occasional diamond, key parts, dwarf weed, avantoe

What is not so great about bandits
1. People hate on it. This method imo is great but it is definitely not meta.
2. No slayer xp, not the best xp/hr


~~~~How to AFK Bandits~~~~
Entry level bandits is the same thing as rock crabs, the difference is the indefinite agro and higher hitting mob, which requires more defence. To start off you are better off with the waterfall quest and rock crabs. The entry level is really only for mitigating gaps with afk training. Food-less is the most afk thing I know to do in Darkan.

Entry level Requirements
1. Rune+ tier armour
2. Dragon tier+ weapons
3. Lots of food(try to get to food-less as fast as possible)
4. Zamorak item

For entry; stand in the northern part of the bar and keep the zamorakian item equipped. There is a spot where only 1 bandit will hit you at a time and they will form a line to attack you. Eat food as you go. Vampyrism aura is useful for making it food-less for an hour.

Food-less Requirements
1. 60 Prayer
2. 60 Dungeoneering
3. Split tooth necklace
4. Proslyte Amour(High prayer bonus)
5. Dragon tier+ weapons

Wear the high prayer bonus armour, a good weapon and the split tooth necklace. I recommend also getting a book of zamorak(without the pages), to initiate the infinite agro. Stand just outside the pub. They will surround you. At higher levels if you kill them fast enough you can use strength pots, chivalry and even piety to hit 30+ splats without worrying about re-agro or death.
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